Recordings of the Choir

Below is a selection of recordings of various performances by the St Mary's Singers choir.

Photos by Giovanni Portelli/Catholic Weekly on the Rite of Election 2016 


2017 Choir Performances

20170416 Mass 9am Easter Sunday - Dvorak - Mass in D Op86 GA  

20170305 2pm Rite of Election

20170211 Mass 6pm Lyon - Mass of Saint Christopher (No. 1) Op96

2016 Choir Performances

20161224 Christmas Eve Carols and Mass - Drury - Mass in Honour of St Mary MacKillop

20161202 Sleepers Awake A Concert for Advent

20161015 Mass 6pm Haydn - Missa brevis Sancti Ioannis Deo

20160813 Mass 6pm Mass in Honor of Saint Joseph

20160723 Mass 6pm Lyon - Mass of Saint Christopher (No. 1) Op96

20160514 Mass 6pm Dvorak - Mass in D Op86 GA  

20160409 Mass 6pm Shubert - Mass in G Major

20160327 Easter Sunday - Mozart - Missa brevis in D (KV 194)  

20160312 Mass 6pm 

20160214 2pm Rite of Election 

2015 Choir Performances

20151224 Christmas Eve Carols and Mass - Missa Brevis in C (Spatzen-Messe) 

20151205 Mass 6pm Webber - Missa Princeps Pacis

20151114 Mass 6pm Shubert - Mass in G Major 

20150927 A Festival of English Anthems, The Cathedral of St Stephens, Brisbane 

20150912 Mass 6pm Mass in Honour of Saint Mary of the Cross 

20150613 Mass 6pm Webber - Missa Princeps Pacis 

20150516 Mass 6pm Mozart Missa Brevis KV259  

2014 Choir Performances

20141206 Handel's Messiah  

20141108 Mass 6pm Haydn- Little Organ Mass  

20141018 Mass 6pm Mass in Honour of St Mary MacKillop  

20140906 Haydn Concert  

20140809 Mass 6pm Haydn- Missa Brevis in B flat  

20140614 Mass 6pm Haydn- Missa Brevis in B flat  

20140420 Mass 9am Easter Sunday Schubert- Mass in G  

20140412 The Passion of our Lord according to St Mark  

20140322 Mass 6pm Mozart- Missa Brevis in D Minor  

20140309 2pm Rite of Election  

20140208 Mass 6pm Webber- Missa Princeps Pacis