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The St Mary's Singers

The St Mary's Singers is a long serving part of the musical establishment of St Mary's Cathedral. Join us for a truly amazing singing experience.

We implement COVIDSAFE practices in return to singing in our public events.


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The St Mary's Singers is a choir comprising men and women who love quality liturgical music. It is part of the wider  music establishment at  St Mary's Cathedral Sydney and sings in the beautiful neo-gothic building usually once a month. The choir provides a huge directory of music videos at its YouTube channel and practice tracks in mp3 format for the benefit of its members and the global choral community. 

Membership: The choir is capably directed and includes people from a wide range of ages particularly membership from younger singers. No audition is required to join the choir but it is expected that prospective members could read music or have some musical ability.

Schedule: The choir sings at the 5.30pm Vespers and 6pm Mass on the second Saturday of the month and, occasionally the 10.30 am Solemn Mass on Sunday when required. Rehearsals are on Monday evenings between 6.30 pm and 8 pm and choristers are required to miss no more than one rehearsal prior to singing at Mass. 

Training tracks: Particularly for members of the choir while being made available global, training tracks are prepared for members to practice with. The You Tube channel of the St Mary's Singers is at

Concerts: St Mary's Singers perform concerts in the cathedral. Selected  recordings are available for the listening pleasure of members and patrons.

Scholarships: In 2017, St Mary’s Singers starts to offer two annual choral scholarships for tenor voices. An application form is available at the Scholarships page. 

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