Training tracks

Particularly for members of the choir while being made available global, training tracks are prepared for members to practice with. The You Tube channel of the St Mary's Singers is at

Members are encouraged to practice using the video tracks in YouTube when available. Click on the YouTube icon to practice using the video tracks in YouTube, otherwise you can pracitice with music only in mp3. If tracks are not exactly by an editor or arranger, these are provided for familiarisation.

St Mary's Singers subscribe also to JohnF's Rehearsal Files. Member of St Mary's Singers must register on this site,, using instructions individually provided. 

Tracks not available from St Mary's Singers maybe available at JohnF's Rehearsal Files.

Currently Training   

Please use our YouTube SMS CURRENTLY TRAINING playlist for your convenience.

Hear my prayer/O for the wings  Click to view on YouTube Soprano Solo Click to view on YouTube Soprano Click to view on YouTube Alto Click to view on YouTube Tenor Click to view on YouTube Bass Click to view on YouTube SATB

If you're having a problem with the training tracks, email