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Tenor Scholarships

Tenor Scholarships are on hold until further notice.

In 2017 St Mary’s Singers started to offer two annual choral scholarships for tenor voices.

These two tenor scholarships are intended to provide encouragement and assist with music tuition for up and coming young singers, and to support and enhance the program of liturgical music provided by the St Mary’s Singers at St Mary’s Cathedral.

The scholarships are

      • The Gary Ashton-Jones Memorial Tenor Scholarship (OVER 18 to 25)
      • The Brian Muir Memorial Tenor Scholarship (OVER 18 to 35)

Each is worth $2500 per year.

Details of the scholarships.

Age limits

The two sponsorships have upper age limits of 25 and under and 35 and under at the start of the scholarship on the 1st February each year.

The two sponsorships have a lower age limit of 18 or over at the start of the scholarship on the 1st February each year.

The scholarships begin in early February and run until Christmas Eve of the year.

Your commitment

The commitment is for one rehearsal per week on a Monday evening at St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney from 6.30pm til 8pm.
It also includes one liturgical service per month, currently the second Saturday of the month 4pm-7pm but subject to change with sufficient notice.

It includes the Easter Sunday service at 9am and Christmas Eve vigil service at 8pm.

It includes occasional extra liturgical services and concerts which will be notified in good time.

Financial matters

The scholarship remuneration will be paid in 4 equal quarterly instalments of $500 starting on the 1st February of the year.
It includes a component of $500 that is to be used for singing training and that will be paid either directly to a singing teacher or upon receipt of a tax invoice for such lessons.

Terms and conditions

The full terms and conditions of the scholarships are listed on the application form. View our privacy policy here.

Who to contact

Please email with any queries.