Pergolesi - Magnificat

Oliver conducting

This directory of training tracks is provided by the St Mary's Singers choir for the benefit of the global choral community to learn how to sing these songs.

The majority of songs are available to hear in MP3 format, however some songs are midi files. Click on the name of the part (blue) to play the MP3 in your browser. Right-click on the part name to get a popup menu allowing you to download the MP3 file to your computer. Click on the YouTube icon to the left of the name to view/hear the track on YouTube.


1magnificat Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
2etmisericordia Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
3deposuit Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
4suscepitisrael Tenor Bass
5sicutlocutusest Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
6sicuteratprincipio Soprano Alto Tenor Bass


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